hi from above.

How are you there on earth ?
I am watching you from up above each day and each moment
Although I have been gone from your life for a year now, I  know I am near and dear to your heart.
I miss you terribly here in heaven, no one strokes me like you used to.. remember?
No one talks to me lovingly, affectionately like you did.
At night I am cold , missing your warm body next to me , so I may purr the night away.
Sometimes I hear some news from you.
That you are happy in haby and that you have a nice new cat to help fade somewhat the pain of my departure.
I hear you are happier professionally and that you play and teach a lot
By the way , I also miss that David a bit.. you know the one that found me
The mice here are soft and white, and I cant really kill them, just play with them
Not like it was on earth were things were real, here all is a "make-believe" , but I enjoy it too.
I am thankful I got to know you and to be with you for such wonderful seven years.
I wanna see you happy from up above, and I delight in each small memory I have from you.
I feel I was yours more than anyone's, and I am happy it is so.
Remember in Quickborn , I used to hint to you , Gesche its time to go to bed as I stood proudly on the fourth or fifth step.
I know you and David did all you could to try to lengthen my stay here with you, but at the end I just couldnt any more
I love you my Gesche , and I always will!


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